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Privacy Policy & Cookies

January 2021

HACM Limited is registered as a data controller with the Information Commissioner’s Office (registration number ZA116050)

If you have any enquiries about this privacy statement or about use of your personal data, you can contact HACM’s Data Protection Officer at:

Mark Evans
HACM Limited
21 Beaconsfield Street
Long Eaton
NG10 1AY

Email: mark.evans@hacm.co.uk
Telephone 0115 946 1583

  1. What is the purpose of this privacy statement?

This privacy statement tells you what to expect when HACM Limited collects personal data. It applies to information we collect about:

  • People (our clients) who are referred to us by their solicitors, whether solely or in cases where we are jointly instructed under The Rehabilitation Code, the defendant’s insurers and/or their solicitors.
  • People who are employed to support our clients.
  • Our current and former employees.


  1. What is personal data?

Personal data means any data which can be used to identify an individual (such as name and address) and any information that relates to that individual from which they can be identified. The following are types of personal data examples of that may be used:

  • Personal contact details such as name, address, phone number etc.
  • Personal identifiers such as an NI number.
  • Bank account details.
  • State benefit information help by the Department of Work and Pensions (The DWP).
  • Medical records including details of injuries sustained.
  • Family details.
  • Housing needs.
  • Lifestyle and social circumstances.
  • Student and pupil records.
  • Formulating rehabilitation plans and the monitoring progress thereof.
  • Personal or professional opinions about an individual and their circumstances.
  • Reports from treating therapists and/or notes completed by support workers.


  1. What do we use personal data for?

We may need to use personal data for the following purposes:

  • The activities and functions we are required to carry out as Case Managers.
  • Assessing the impacts of our client’s injuries.
  • Recommending actions to assist our clients to overcome or best deal with the impacts of their injuries.
  • Formulating rehabilitations plans.
  • Formulating risk assessments.
  • Formulating care plans.
  • Helping to safeguard our clients against all forms of abuse and/or neglect.
  • Instructing therapists in the private and public sectors.
  • Employing support workers to work with our clients.
  • Working with schools, social workers and other professionals.
  • Provision of HR and payroll.
  • Managing and monitoring the above services.
  • Reporting to our clients, their solicitors and, in cases where we are jointly instructed under The Rehabilitation Code, the defendant’s insurers and/or their solicitors.
  • Reporting to the courts.


  1. When can we use your personal data?

Data protection law allows us to use or share personal data, with appropriate parties, in any of the following circumstances:

HACM will use your data during the course of our normal business functions as case management providers (please see the HACM Case Management Agreement and Consent).

(please see the HACM Case Management Agreement and Consent).

  • When we have your (or your appointed representative’s) consent.

Without consent

  • If we believe that you are at immediate of significant harm and require emergency help or treatment.
  • In cases where a client is suffering an impairment, disturbance or disability of mind that results in a lack of mental capacity to make decisions around consent to share information.


  1. When we cannot use your personal data

HACM Limited will not distribute, lease or sell your personal information to third parties unless we have your permission to do so or we are required to do so by law.

HACM’s employees may be given access to personal information, but the use of this information will be limited to the case manager’s functions of their role.


  1. Transfer, storage and retention of personal data

Personal information may be:

  • Stored on HACM computers and servers.
  • Transmitted across HACM computer networks.
  • Printed out or written on paper.
  • Sent internally or externally by post, courier, or fax;
  • Stored on removable and other electronic media;
  • Spoken in face-to-face conversation or over the telephone.

Personal information, whether original or duplicate, will never be stored outside HACM’s systems e.g. PC hard drives, servers, CDs or other removable media.

Physical data will be secured using locked draws, filing cabinets or other secure storage. Personal data will not be left on view to unauthorised observers. Passwords will be used to provide protection from unauthorised access of electronic files and data. Where personal data is stored on a mobile device e.g. smartphones, USB drives or laptops, the device will protected using a password to protect from unauthorised access.

Personal information will not be stored for any period longer than 7 years after you cease to be a HACM client; after which, it will be securely destroyed.


  1. Website Cookies

A cookie is a small computer file that is sent to and stored on your device, enabling the collection of data on website use. The HACM website will collect Cookies. This is to enable us to improve the way the website works. HACM will not use cookies to identify individuals, nor will we share Cookie data with third parties.